Where have I been?

Dear Active Rain consumers,

I'm here now is all I can say.  I missed you while I was out.  My Dad got really sick and passed away.  My middle son moved back home & we struggled with that routine too.  Business has been wonderful.  I have been blessed with wonderful sellers & buyers thruout this past 6 months.  Christmas is upon us & I am so thankful to have my health (extra pounds, ughhh) but nevertheless I am thankful for all that is in my life.  Thank you for coming back.  I look forward to writing about these past short sales that have been approved, the buyers that I have gotten into houses & my wonderful family that I love to share with all of you. 

Glad to be back.


Christina O'Neal


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Where have I been?
Dear ActiveRain consumers, I'm here now is all I can say. I missed you while I was out. My Dad got really sick and passed away. My middle son moved back home & we struggled with that routine too. Business has been wonderful. I have been… more
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